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Why Families Choose A Uhaul Truck Rental When Moving?

Moving your entire family and home from one area to another is an expensive proposition, and many families neither have the equipment to move their family and the contents of their home or the finances to hire a professional moving company, so they turn to Uhaul truck rental to move the contents of their home from one area to another.

One of the major benefits of Uhaul truck rental is the fact that you can rent a truck in the area of your present home and once your move is completed you can return it to rental place near your new home, saving you gas, time, and money by not having to return the truck to the place where you rented it. However, Uhaul rental trucks are also sized and designed to meet the various needs of families.

Sizes of Trucks

Whether you are college student and simply need a pick up to carry your essentials to your new dorm, or a large family move across the country, Uhaul has a rental truck sized to meet the load you need to carry. Available trucks include simple pickups and vans, as well as larger trucks that run 10 , 14 , 17 , 20, 24 and 26 feet. All you need to do is choose the size of truck you need to move the contents of your home.

Special Features That Makes Moving Easier

Uhaul truck rental also equips their trucks with some special features that makes it easier for families to pack up and move and their household furniture, appliances and boxes all on their own. Some of these special features include:

  • Mom''s Attic - Mom''s attic is extra storage space above the cab of the truck which is perfect for storing the fragile items, that you don''t want sliding around in the large space of the truck''s trailer.
  • Low Decks and Wide Ramps - Many rental truck companies design their trucks to be actually be loaded from a regular truck loading dock. Uhaul knows that most family homes don''t come equipped with loading docks, so they make the deck of their trucks lower and include wide loading ramps to make it easier for families to load up the truck on their own, without the need for a moving professional.
  • Gentle Ride Suspension - Uhaul trucks also come with gentle ride suspension, to make moving your household goods over the roads more comfortable.
  • Fuel Economy Gauge - Uhaul trucks also come with a fuel economy gauge that helps to save you money when moving both long and short distances.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service - Uhaul also carries 24 hour emergency service on their fleet of trucks so if the unthinkable happens you won''t be stranded wondering what to do.

Uhaul truck rental keeps their trucks clean and well maintained so that your moving experience is as safe as they can possibly make it. Their cabs and mirrors are designed to give you the best possible visibility and they even offer damage protection to save you money should any of their equipment be damaged during your move.



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